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Nov 27, 2017
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Jul 9, 2017
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Jun 21, 2017
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Training Schedule


Click Here for Training Schedule (week of 11th December 2017)

Please be aware that the training times can change if a coach becomes unavailable to train on the allocated time/day. The club will notify all players via SMS when this occurs.

All training is held at Leisure City Epping 41-53 Miller Street Epping

Rules regarding training:

1. Please bring a drink bottle to training

2. Drink Bottles are NOT permitted onto the courts at ANYTIME

3. Appropriate footwear are required to be worn at training (no school shoes/must be rubber soles)

4. Appropriate clothing required to be worn at training.

5. No unauthorised people are permitted on the court. without prior permission from the coach/committee                                      e.g. Parents/Siblings/friends/committee members

6. Do not approach Coaches during training, if you need to have a discussion with the coach, please do so prior to or after training.  

7. If you are UNABLE to attend training, please let the Coach or Team Manager know prior.

8. No loud music at training

9. No Facebooking, Snap Chatting,  Tweets or Instagrams during training.


Last Updated 28th November 2017

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